Vaping devices still available on Amazon

Websites such as Vapestop and Litejoy, which offered evaporated products online, terminated their operations and expelled denials on their websites about the government order.

However, it was still possible to purchase vaping equipment from and Flipkart e-commerce websites, according to product listings reviewed by Reuters on Thursday.

Some vaping products were still listed on the Indian websites of Inc and Walmart’s Flipkart on Thursday, while several other websites cut their sales a day after the nationwide government ban.

Announcing an “epidemic” among young people, India banned the sale, production, import and advertising of e-cigarettes, a blow to enterprise plans such as Juul Labs and Philip Morris International to sell products in the Country.

Amazon offered a “Honey Badger” steam device that resembled a USB flash drive for 2,799 rupees, with aromatic mint filling, butter, mango and berry tobacco. Flipkart also listed the product.

A Reuters reporter successfully placed an order on the device on Amazon on Thursday. Other pen-shaped vapes, with a small bottle of liquid, were also available on the e-commerce website.

On vaping equipment that is still available for sale on Amazon and Flipkart, senior health ministry official Vikas Sheel said such products should be removed.

“Advertising and online sales are prohibited. E-commerce service providers must immediately remove advertising and sales offers,” Sheel told Reuters.

When contacted for product listings, an Amazon spokeswoman in India said she would comment in a timely manner.

Flipkart said in a statement: “We are aware of the regulation and have immediately warned our teams to work with retailers to get all the products off the platform.”

On Wednesday, announcing the ban, India’s health ministry said that the use of e-cigarettes, which come in attractive representations and numerous flavors, had grown exponentially and gained epidemic proportions in developed countries, especially among young people and children./

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