Uber expects a renewal decision for London’s life license

A judge in 2018 gave Uber a 15-month probationary license, which expires on September 25, after the company had made some changes to its London business model, the firm’s most important European market.

Transport for London rejected the Silicon Valley company’s license renewal request in 2017 due to failures it said it found in its approach to reporting serious felonies and driver background checks, prompting legal action.

Uber is still waiting to see if its London license, which expires on Wednesday, will be renewed after the regulator, which previously stripped the taxi application of its right to operate in the city, remains clumsy about by decision.

TfL said it does not comment on individual license applications.

A question asked by London Mayor Sadiq Khan by a city assemblyman about renewing his license is still awaiting an answer, according to an introduction to the London Authority website from earlier this week.

Among its options are granting a maximum five-year license, a shorter term, or stripping the firm of its ability to operate, almost certainly prompting a grievance process during which the app will still be able to take trips, as in 2017.

The loss of license for 2017 came just weeks after Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi took over and became a test of his ability to secure regulator concerns as the app faces disputes with taxi firms and authorities in various markets.

Mayor Khan was critical of Uber just weeks ago and said companies should play by the rules.

“You will know my record, which stands for the big guys, and they are guys and make sure everyone plays by the rules,” he told listeners on a LBC radio phone. “I don’t care how many lawyers you hire or how big your PR budget is.“/Investing.com

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