U.S. tariffs loom in subsidy row/ Airbus

Shares in Airbus and other leading French exporters fell on Monday as Europe and the United States moved closer to sanctions over a long-running tax on aircraft subsidies.

The World Trade Organization has approved a US request to impose tariffs on some European goods in the latest chapter of a two-way dispute over aircraft subsidies that could also lead to European retaliation, two people familiar with the case said.

The two sides have won partial decisions in their favor in a 15-year dispute involving billions of dollars in domestic aid to Airbus and Boeing planners.

The final amount will depend on WTO arbitrators, and Washington must then choose from a list of goods worth more than $ 20 billion that it has identified as potential targets before setting tariffs in force up to the limit. authorized.

Shares in Airbus, which relies on an influx of parts to feed an assembly line in Alabama, and which also counts US airlines among its main customers for aircraft assembled at its main plants in Europe, fell 3.2% in early trading./investing

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