U.N.:”Finland happiest country in the world again”

A survey published on Wednesday showed that “Finland was leading the ranking of the happiest countries in the world.” In addition, Finlad holds the chair for the second consecutive year.

In the U.N Sustainable Development Solutions Network 2019 Fortune 2019, South Sudan was in the last place.

Sudan was ranked last in 156 countries according to estimates made for such things as GDP per capital, social support, healthy life expectancy, social freedom, generosity and lack of corruption.

Taking rough and dark winter in their footsteps, Finnish happiness grows from access to nature, safety, affordable childcare, free education, and heavily subsidized health care.

The Top 10 was dominated by Nordic countries with Denmark, Norway and Iceland, which won the top spot followed by Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada and Austria. As it falls to the United States in 19th place.

Network leader Jeffrey Sachs said in a statement: “This year’s report provides clear evidence of how dependencies are causing considerable dissatisfaction and depression in the US,” Sachs added that they were referring to addictions in many forms of substance abuse with gambling and digital media.

The top five were Yemen, India, Syria, Botswana and Venezuela. Among the 20 best winners since the 2005-2008 average rating were 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, five in Sub-Saharan Africa and three in Latin America .

Benin saw the biggest gain during that period, raising 50 seats in the standings./Investing.com


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