The history,revolution & evolution of wine around the world.


The retail wine industry generates over $300 billion a year but suffers from a severe lack of community.Meet Vinsent – a new venture creating direct relationships between wine lovers and wineries. Watch as Jacob and Gil, the co-founders of Vinsent, explain the ideas and methods behind a revolution in the making. Cheers!

Not many people know where the high-quality wines they drink today come from, or the thousands of years of innovation that go into every glass. So, how did wine get its start? The history of wine is one of disruption, innovation, and bold risk-takers.Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and it has the distinction of being one of the oldest as well.

The ancient world was one full of wine and different vinicultural traditions that spanned much of Eurasia and Africa and finding the real start of wine making requires traveling back thousands of years into the past. Indeed, the oldest known winery in the world was discovered in Armenia and was dated back to 4100 BCE. Wine has been a part of human life nearly as long as recorded history.The bible mentions wine as an integral part of early life. Noah, after 150 days spent floating on his ark, planted a vineyard and celebrated with wine until he became slightly intoxicated. He was not the only one. Wine plays an essential role in many religious ceremonies and rituals./

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