Test more what we need for public roads .

GOTHENBURG (Reuters) – A “virtual human” suddenly steps out at a blind bend, but the engineer in the Volvo car’s driving seat on the test track doesn’t flinch, leaving it to software to take evasive action.

By 2022 Automobiles and technology companies were locked in a race to bring these vehicles into commercial use but their efforts on public roads stumbled last year when a Uber testing machine hit and killed a pedestrian.

The accident raised public questions about technology security and allowed for the toughest road testing to secure, with Uber resuming trials with a severely reduced capacity in December and authorities setting limits on its program.

Dennis Nobelius said “Everyone has revised the protocols shortly after that kind of crash because we can not have it again.” The head of the joint software company Zenuity Volvo Cars, told Reuters, “Industry … has been done really to make a loop more … not just to make the final product safe but also to make the test safe, “said Nobelius from the back of Volvo’s autonomous car on AstaZero’s road.

Public roads have become more challenging for driving vehicles as software controlling braking and running has been trialled, unlike earlier when people searched for breakage and running and software other functions./investing.com  

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