State TV, the Saudis will show evidence of Iran’s role in the attack

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has denied any role. He said on Twitter that the US “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran has turned into one of “maximum fraud”, and urged Washington to get involved in the talks once again.

In the devastating attack, Saudi Arabia will show evidence of Iran’s involvement in the attack on large oil facilities that triggered rising global crude prices, state television reported.

The report, without giving a specific time, a spokesman for the Saudi defense ministry said it would hold a press conference Wednesday evening, describing Iran’s role as well as the weapons used in the attacks.

Iran launched an “unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply,” US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said on Twitter without giving evidence to back up the allegations.

The US – a close ally of Saudi Arabia – has blamed Iran for the highly coordinated and successful attacks that were initially claimed by Houthi rebels in Yemen who have been fighting Saudi forces there since 2015.

The September 14 attack on two of Saudi Arabia’s largest crude oil refineries was the single largest unexpected disruption on record, surpassing the shocks during the 1990 Gulf War and the loss of Iranian production by the Islamic Revolution. 1979./

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