State-backed entities, EU warns of internet security risks

The European Commission and Finland, which currently holds the rotating EU presidency, said in a joint statement that “Among the various potential actors, non-EU or state-backed states are considered the most serious and prone to target 5G networks ”.

The European Union on Wednesday warned of increased internet attacks by state-backed entities and non-EU actors, saying it was important to assess the risks posed by telecommunications equipment suppliers with a significant share of the blockchain market. .

Comments came in a report prepared by EU countries on the dangers of internet security against 5G networks, seen as crucial to the bloc’s economic growth.

While the report does not name any country or company, observers often cite China and its largest telecommunications equipment maker, Huawei Technologies, as potential threats.

They said that “In the context of increasing exposure to supplier-facilitated attacks, the risk profile of individual suppliers will become particularly important, including the possibility of the supplier being subject to intervention by a non-EU country.”

The statement also warned against dependence on a supplier of telecommunications equipment.

“A major dependence on a single supplier increases exposure to a potential supply disruption, resulting, for example, from a commercial failure and its consequences,” they said.

“It also exacerbates the potential impact of weaknesses or weaknesses, and their potential exploitation by threat actors, especially when dependence is on a supplier presenting a high degree of risk.”

The US government wants Europe to ban Huawei equipment because it says it could be used by Beijing for spying, something the company has repeatedly denied.

The EU will now seek to reach the so-called measures toolkit by the end of the year to address cyber-security risks at national and EU levels.

The European Cyber ​​Security Agency is also finalizing a map of specific threats related to 5G networks./

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