Samsung to patch Galaxy S10 fingerprint problem

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will release a software program to fix problems with the Galaxy S10’s fingerprint recognition, South Korean tech giant said Thursday.

A British user told the Sun newspaper earlier this week that a fault on her Galaxy S10 allowed her to unlock regardless of the biometric data recorded on the device.

After buying a third-party screen protector off eBay, her husband was able to unlock her phone using her fingerprint, even though she was not registered.

“Samsung Electronics is aware of the S10’s fingerprint recognition case and will be releasing a software soon,” the company said in a statement.

South Korea-based KaKaobank, which has Cocoa Corp as a major shareholder, told customers to discontinue Galaxy 10 fingerprint recognition to subscribe to its services until the issue is resolved.

Launched in March, the Galaxy S10 series phones use an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which Samsung has called a “revolutionary new biometric authentication feature”.

The scanner sends ultrasound to detect 3D fingerprint ridges to quickly recognize users, according to Samsung./

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