Russian billionaire Deripaska sues U.S.A !!!

Claiming that it had exceeded its legal boundaries in imposing sanctions on its companies and made it “the latest victim” in the US investigation into alleged political interference in Moscow, Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska sued the United States Friday.

Deripaska asked the Washington State State Court to block the US Treasury Department from using the “destructive power” of such economic sanctions, which he said were not in accordance with the US Constitution, the legal file which he submitted to the court.

In April 2018, when Washington placed the billionaire Deripaska’s blacklist together with some other influential Russians due to their ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the aluminum company Rusal and his parent company En + were hit by sanctions of the United States.

Deripaska agreed at the end of 2018 to cut his stake in En + to 44.95 percent from 70 percent in a deal that allowed punitive measures against Rusal and En + to be removed.

A spokeswoman for Deripaska said he had filed a complaint against the Treasury Department in order not to allow his hard work to be destroyed by “political intrigues“.

Russia has denied interference in 2016 elections in the US. The sanction lifting decision challenges a Democrat-led push in the US Congress to keep the restrictions./


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