Rovio invests in new games at Angry Birds

The Finnish gaming developer said on Tuesday that the Finnish game company Rovio has released an addictive game called Angry Birds Isle of Pigs, developed with Swedish gaming resolution games for Apple’s mobile devices.

The release, announced at the San Francisco Game Developers Conference, came in addition to the two games the company had promised to release this year, one of which is already out.

Rovio, known mainly for her Angry Birds products, said the added reality feature of the game allowed players to cover their three-dimensional environment in their environment as a table, viewing it through an iPhone or iPad.

The game “allows players to take the power of Angry Birds in their hands like never before, by placing molded tower molds in the player’s environment using ARK’s Apple technology,” Rovio said in a statement.

Rovio had previously launched another game of reality with the Resolution Games, destined for a gaming headset developed by Magic Leap.

Apple is also developing its own lens for reality glasses.

To bring an added product of reality to mobile phones and ipads, the new game is Rovio’s first attempt

The company said it is the first available for pre-order at the Apple App Store for the iPhone 6s and later for iPads.

In February, driven by new game launches and a movie publication, Rovio said sales are expected to grow this year, as the quarter-adjusted adjusted operating profit was dormant./

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