Premarket Stock Data; Facebook, Amazon Climb, AstraZeneca Drops

AstraZeneca ADR fell 1.9% after doubts emerged about the quality of the data behind the claim of 90% efficacy for its Covid-19 vaccine candidate. The company’s CEO said it will probably run a new trial.

Amazon stock rose 0.7%, but we were expecting a higher rise since the e-commerce giant said it would spend more than $500 million on one-time bonuses for its front-line employees in the United States who are working the holiday season amid the pandemic.

Tesla stock rose 0.9% regardless of news of an investigation by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration into about 115,0000 Tesla vehicles over front suspension safety issues.

Facebook stock rose 0.7% after the Financial Times reported that the social media giant could release its planned “Libra” cryptocurrency in a limited form in January.

BBVA  stock rose 2.7% after stepping down of a merger with smaller Spanish rival Banco de Sabadell after being unable to agree with the terms.

Walt Disney tock fell 0.2% after the entertainment giant announced on Wednesday it would lay off about 32,000 workers, primarily at its theme parks, an increase from the 28,000 it announced in September. The company is having difficulties with restrictions on movie theaters, theme parks and cruises due to the pandemic.

Sage Therapeutic stock rose 8.8% after Biogen announced plans to offer $1.25 billion in cash to jointly develop tremor and depression therapies.