Oil prices collapse when U.K. nervous nerves for Iran

As the markets were being prepared for the release of US gross inventories, oil prices gave some benefits last Tuesday as the UK hit a conciliatory tone in his dispute with Iran.

While Brent’s future unmanaged, oil quotas outside the US lost 35 cents or 0.6 percent to $ 62.91, raw unmanufactured middle-new revenues dropped 24 cents or 0.4 percent to $ 55.98 per barrel from 7: 52ET.

Geopolitical risk premiums have risen since a British flag tanker was caught by Iran in the straits of Hormuz, a blockage that spills one-fifth of the world’s oil supply.

Government of U.K. responded by calling on other European states to create a naval force capable of protecting vulnerable ships.

Tensions eased slightly on Monday after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicated that the US would not respond to the incident, saying it was UK’s responsibility to defend its ships.

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif wrote on Tuesday that “the Mayan government’s Iranian oil seizure under the US order is piracy, clean and simple.”

He nevertheless landed on an olive branch before her successor, saying, “I congratulate my former counterpart, @BorisJohson, to become prime minister of the United Kingdom, Iran does not require confrontation, but we have 1500 miles the coast of the Persian Gulf.These are our waters and we will protect them. ”

Stephen Innes, managing partner of Vanguard Markets, called the dispute “More than barking”, adding that traders have found it easy to creep.

With the fear of a more serious disagreement, temporarily, market concentration will shift to US crude inventories.

The US oil company will issue its weekly US oil supply report at 16:30 ET (20:30). Official information from the Energy Information Administration will be released Wednesday, amid forecasts for a 3.12 million barrel oil withdrawal.

The EIA report also provides a US production read, a key factor for monitoring the supply.

“While oil prices remain supported by Middle Eastern geopolitical risk, the market response has been overshadowed by the prevailing US shale production, which is outpacing the supply risk price,” Innes said.

In other energy trade, gasoline revenue grew 0.3% to $ 1.8325 a gallon by 7:55 AM ET (11:55 GMT), while heating oil fell 0.3% to $ 1.8942 a gallon.

Finally, natural gas revenues dived 0.1% to $ 2.309 per million British thermal units./Investing.com

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