Norsk Hydro’s normality after cyber attack.

OSLO – Production at the Norwegian aluminum factory Norsk Hydro returned roughly normal after a cyber attack last month, the company announced on Friday.

The group halted some of its products on March 19 and changed other units into the manual operation after hackers blocked its systems with ransomware.

He has said he will not pay hackers to unlock her files, but has not said whether she has actually received any payback request. “With regard to production output, most of the operations have returned to normal levels or near normal levels,” he said.

“The company said it would take time for IT operations to fully return to normal after what it called a sophisticated attack.” The cyber attack has caused delays in certain administrative processes, including reporting systems, billing and billing

Despite the assault, Hydro’s primary metal business and other units were able to continue manufacturing with practical solutions and manual solutions, though manufacturing its extraction business, which makes components for car makers, builders, and equipment other industries, was reduced by 50 percent.

Production in three Extrusion Europe, Extrusion North America and Precision Tubing businesses with an average output of about 90 percent, while Construction Systems was about 75 percent, she added. Unit operations were close to normal, but still with many solutions and local changes from plant to plant, the company said.

The company had a cybercube insurance policy with AIG (NYSE: AIG), but potential compensation had a cap which the company refused to disclose. The company has provided a preliminary estimate of the financial impact of the attack during the first week at 300 million kronor (35 million dollars) and 350 million.

Norsk Hydro shares rose 1.5 percent on Friday, remaining at 2.6 percent in the Norwegian stock index./

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