Mark Zuckerberg lunches with senators in DC

For more than a year the social media giant has been under fire on a number of fronts and faces antitrust investigations by the Federal Trade Commission and a number of state attorneys general, as well as numerous legislative proposals seeking to restrict the its operation.

Warner spokesman Rachel Cohen said Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat and vice chairman of the Intelligence Committee, helped organize a dinner for Zuckerberg with other senators at the company’s request.

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg met with a dozen U.S. senators Wednesday for dinner as the company seeks to bolster its reputation in Washington.

He said that “In a nameless restaurant, senators and Zuckerberg discussed” the role and responsibility of social media platforms in defending our democracy, and what steps Congress should take to protect our choices, protect consumer data, and to encourage competition in the social media space ”.

This is Zuckerberg’s first trip to Washington since April 2018, when he asked 10 hours of questions over two days from nearly 100 US lawmakers on privacy, election security and possible regulation.

Zuckerberg will be in Washington to “talk about the future regulation of the Internet” with policymakers, but has not planned any public events, Facebook said in a statement Wednesday.

One person briefed on the matter said he was also expected to hold meetings with the Trump administration. A White House spokesman declined to comment.

Zuckerberg is set to be on Capitol Hill on Thursday to hold additional meetings, including with Utah Senator Mike Lee, a Republican.

Facebook, which agreed to a $ 5 billion settlement agreement with the Federal Trade Commission on privacy practices in July, also faces antitrust investigations by the FTC and a group of state attorneys general.

Regulators, central banks and politicians in the United States and Europe worry that Libra has the potential to boost the global financial system, undermine privacy and promote money laundering.

Facebook faces a scrutiny by lawmakers on a wide range of issues, including privacy, market power, efforts to combat online extremism, preventing foreign interference in campaigns and allegations of political bias.

The company is also being investigated by a group of New York-led state attorneys general.

After being lauded as the engines of economic growth, companies in social media, internet search, e-commerce and other digital technologies have been increasingly protective of errors such as privacy violations and their huge impact on the market.

Facebook, which rivals one-time rivals on Instagram and WhatsApp, has more than 1.5 billion daily users./

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