Increase in wages required for workers by Libyan state-owned oil firm

The company’s request followed a protest at El Sharara oil distribution, decides more about the country, the pay and working conditions for that, I’m a Reuters engineer.

Workers in three less oil fields and the eastern port of Zueitina indicate they will support a call by El Sharara and service providers for another 67% wage.

Libyan state-owned oil firm NOC has one more request to be trusted 67% to its providers planning to discuss with the Tripoli government next week, the company said in a statement on Friday.

The NOC said its chairman Mustafa Sanalla talks to the prime minister of the locality of Tripoli’s government Fayez al-Serraj seeking to implement salaries.

A previous government 67% Free General Service in 2013, but it has no implementation.

“Mr Fayez al-Sarraj recognized a further demand for the implementation of the resolution, and his summary of oil sector services and tire endurance in the latter, despite the potential circumstances that hampered the execution of the resolution,” the NOC said in a statement.

There is no immediate comment from the Tripoli government.

The oil sector and crude production in Libya has been hampered by protests and blockades of oil fields or pipelines by various groups. El Sharara Field Restarts Self Currently this month as it is an unidentified group a valve is restricted.

Oil workers have recently been able to search for the fastest growing number of books that can provide more expensive food and imports.

The NOC is the only single source to trade thanks to its oil and gas exports.

The possibility of closing El Sharara earlier in August has not been the face of oil interference after eastern forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar launched a campaign to seize the capital Tripoli in April.

Haftar forces may not have any chance of breaching defenses in the southern outskirts of Tripoli.

Haftar is allied with a parallel government that points to Serraj, a situation that has led to chaos in oil producer OPEC since Muammar Gaddafi began in 2011./

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