Google Announces New Equinox Subsea Cable

Google announced on Friday a new subsea cable called “Equiano” that will connect Africa with Europe as it enhances its cloud computing infrastructure.

Equiano, fully funded by Google, is the company’s third private international cable.

The search engine giant, which has invested $ 47 billion in upgrading global technology infrastructure over the past three years, said Equiano is the 14th largest underground cabling investment in the world.

In a blog post Google said that “Equiano will be the first subsea cable to include fiber optic fiber switching, rather than the traditional approach of changing the wavelength level.”

Google said a contract to build cable with Alcatel Submarine Networks was signed in the fourth quarter of 2018, and the first phase of the project linking South Africa to Portugal is expected to be completed in 2021.

The company completed its Curie project in April, its first private intercontinental cable linking Chile to Los Angeles.

He also announced last year the cable project of the Dunant transatlantic submarine linking France and the United States. The 6,600 km cable is planned to enter service in 2020.

Subsea Cables make up the Internet pillar by transporting 99 percent of world data traffic./

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