EU fined Google $ 1.7 billion

In the two-year timeframe, Google got another fine on Wednesday. A lot of the 1.49 billion euros for blocking online re-evaluators advertisers, the third major European Union’s antitrust sentence for the business of the alphabet, was the punishment that got the search giant.

The European Commission said the fine was estimated at 1.29 percent of Google’s turnover in 2018.

European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said: “Google has strengthened its dominance in online search advertising and has protected itself from competitive pressures by imposing contractual restrictions on competition on third-party websites.”

The case concerned websites, such as newspaper or travel sites, with a search function that produces search results and search adverts. Google’s AdSense for Search provided such search adverts.

Abuse included banning publishers from placing search ads on competitors’ search results pages, forcing them to book the most lucrative space on their Google search results pages and a request to seek approval in writing from Google before making any changes to the way any rival advertisements appeared.

Last year, Vestager imposed a record $ 4.34 billion fine on Google for using its Android mobile phone system to block rivals. This followed a fine of 2.42 billion euros in June 2017 for obstructing rivals of shopping comparison sites.

Although Google is now trying to comply with the order to provide an equal playing field with proposals to boost price comparison rivals and instant Android users to choose their favorite browsers and search apps . Critics are still not happy./


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