EU expects a Brexit with or without agreement?!

Other problems arise for Theresa May, its negotiating strategy is in the zigzags of the pro and anti-Brexit factions in the Conservative Party. And it is precisely these factions that can lead to a division of its government. While Brexit’s deadline is approaching, in Brussels and London appear the concerns that May may put its party’s interests ahead of Britain’s prosperity and interests.

Her goal is to put the agreement – along with some new guarantees on the much loathed Irish backstop – back to the House of Commons for a vote on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.May still trying to get its doubling approval divorce adopted in Parliament despite many disputes.

An EU emergency summit is expected to take place on March 28th if May’s proposal is rejected for a third time.28 March, one day before Brexit. If this is the case, the EU has made it clear that there should be a long extension of negotiations, potentially for a year or more, to allow time for a total rewriting of the Brexit Plan and even a general British election or another referendum.

The EU also says it will not allow the UK to stay in more than 23 May unless the prime minister agrees to hold the European Parliament elections – a prospect that she strongly opposes. The bloc does not want to remain clogged in a short period of prolongation, which would inevitably have to be pushed back.

So if Brussels does not support and agree to postpone the deadline for the rocks – which may – May will face a night’s election in front of Brexit: Does it want a long delay that allies say will break its party or a deal without a deal that will break the economy?

Time is almost ready for a separate parliament to take over the process by the hands of May to avoid an economically disastrous separation. The Parliament has repeatedly voted against leaving the EU without a deal, but that does not stop what happens randomly.

For now, May is sticking to her stance that the only way to prevent a Brexit without agreement is for MPs to vote for her deal./


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