Didi of China plans to resume Hitch service with new features

Didi Chuxing, the travel designee Chinese, said on Thursday he was proposing to resume Hitch carpooling service with added security features, almost a year after the suspension of service following the killing of a female passenger by her driver Didi.

The case had damaged Didi’s image at a time when she was trying to expand overseas to compete with foreign rivals such as Uber and urged the company to promise that it would give priority to security over the growth that was moving forward.

The company said in a statement that Didi did not have a deadline yet set for the resumption of Hitch, but is presenting a proposal for public consultations.

Didi said the service would minimize his personal information show, offer a pop-up app that allows drivers and travelers to control the identity of the people they were sharing with a car.

Didi also plans to establish a partnership with Chinese insurers to provide up to 1.2 million yuan in accident insurance and create a special program for female passengers and drivers, including features such as algorithms that can detect things like abnormal road changes.

Hitch, who allowed users to greet a car through their smartphone and share a ride with someone else heading in the same direction, was advertised by Didi as a new way to meet such people as romantic meetings before being suspended last year./Investing.com

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