Despite slowing economy, no new debts, says Scholz.

In a statement on German public television, German finance minister Olaf Scholz once again stressed the official Berlin’s stance on not lending new debts even though the economy is slowing growth. “Slow growth is still growth,” he said.

Scholz also said that Germany’s tax revenues would also grow even further, aired much slower than many expected, in an interview with the ZDF’s Heute Journal newspaper to be aired on Tuesday.

“The labor market is at record levels, and is projected to grow further,” he said, according to extras published by ZDF, meaning it was not time “to give up our insistence on creating new debts.”

The widespread signs of this year’s fall have led many analysts to call the end of the decade boom at Europe’s economic plant and encourage calls for Berlin to abandon its fiscal care in favor of a stimulating program./ 


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