Cryptocurrencies continue to lose, Bitcoin falls below $ 10,000

Digital currencies continue to fall, as they have again lost their value this week. Bitcoin this week has fallen again under $ 10,000.

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market fell to $ 272.46 billion from 10:42 ET (14:42 GMT), compared to $ 275.60 billion a day earlier and $ 286.48 billion a week earlier.

Bitcoin fell 2.3% to $ 9,800.8 from 10:50 ET (14:50 GMT) after spending most of the week walking back and forth beyond the $ 10,000 psychological level. Bitcoin is down 5.9% over the past seven days and has shut down under $ 10,000 for four consecutive sessions.

Ethereal fell 2.6% to $ 214.3, down 1.2% a week. XRP changed slightly to $ 0.31535, off 0.2% in the last seven days, while Litecoin traded 1.4% to $ 92,642, expanding weekly losses to 4.1%, which are also the three rival rivals of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash, the fifth largest alt alt, was a noticeable exception among the largest crypto-currencies, trading 2.7% for a weekly profit of 2.8%.

No special news was attributed to the lower move, though the Chaikin Cash Flow Indicator showed that the bullish momentum in the largest digital currency market cap weakened in the last five months, according to a CoinDesk report.

The indicator, which includes both pricing and trading volumes to assess the trend change and the power of the trend, fell to 0.02 in the three-day table, barely holding positive territory, indicating a bullish anomaly indicator.

Currency scripts have been under pressure since regulators from the US in India have increased digital asset control.

In the US, the Internal Revenue Service began sending letters to taxpayers suspected of keeping cryptocures in an apparent effort to push recipients to pay their taxes for any revenue from digital currency, according to Forbes.

US Secretary of State Steven Mnuchin also said this week that new rules on crypts, including stricter scrutiny, were likely on the street.

India is also said to once again consider a general ban on all cryptocuris.

In the most positive news for digital currencies, Croatian Post, Croatian Post Office, is conducting a trial for crypto-for-fiat exchanges.

“Over the last few years, cryptographs have developed more and more users, and Croatia will contribute with their popularity to its 1,016 postal network,” Croatia said in a announcement Thursday./

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