Campaign against Huaweit / attempt to disqualify lawyer

Trying to stop a former US Justice Department official from representing Huawei is another step in a broader US government campaign against the Chinese company, a lawyer for Huawei argued Wednesday.

Cole is Huawei’s lead lawyer in the US case against the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker for allegedly defrauding global banks about his business in Iran.

US prosecutors have asked the judge in the case to disqualify Cole, claiming that his job as the number 2 official in the Justice Department created “irreversible conflicts of interest.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney David Kessler told the judge the case related to “a single criminal case,” and that Huawei had many other lawyers.

Much of the government’s argument is confidential and classified. Prosecutors say Cole oversaw and participated in aspects of an investigation into the Huawei case that has not been made public.

Cole contends that he has no recollection of the cases referred to as grounds for him to be disqualified from the case, according to another litigation. He served as deputy attorney general until 2015, and he has represented Huawei for at least two years.

It is also happening as the United States has pressured other countries to remove Huawei from their cellular networks, worried that its devices could be used by Beijing for spying, which the company says are unfounded.

Meng and others are accused of compromising the fraud of HSBC and other banks by misrepresenting Huawei’s relationship with a company operating in Iran, putting them at risk of violating US sanctions./investing

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