Britain Agrees with the United States for Huawei

This Monday Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said Britain took careful notice of what the United States says about the risks of using Huawei on 5G networks and does not want to be too dependent on a third country for some technology.

Hunt told the BBC radio that “We take careful notice of everything the US says about these issues, we will certainly listen carefully to what they say.”

Trump administration, which has sanctioned Huawei and tried to block US goods, told the allies not to use its 5G technology and equipment for fear, this would allow China to spy on communications and data sensitive.

“We have not taken our final decision but we have also made it clear that we are considering both technical issues – how to make sure there is no backdoor so a third country can use 5G to spy on us – but also strategic issues in order to make sure you are not technologically dependent on a third country for a vital vital technology, “said Hunt./

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