After the government’s win, the boss faces the shareholders

This Friday, it is expected that the Occidental Petroleum Executive Director of Oil will buy shares of Anadarko Petroleum, backed by the fast-track agreement that has put on top of the victory.

Hollub, 59, challenged Chevron Corp’s largest rival with a long offer that some of its investors say is risky because it shreds Occidental with some $ 46 billion in new debt. By carefully listing the allies and the money, she created a strategy that on Thursday made Chevron retreat.

The first chance for Western shareholders to present their views to managers will be the annual meeting even if they do not get an opinion on the deal. Lack of a vote of agreement and falling stock at $ 56.33 at a low 10-year-old Thursday could lead to a disastrous victory party.

Several major holders have criticized Hollub’s decision to secure Anadarku by increasing the share of 76-dollar bid money to a point where a vote of shareholders is no longer needed.

But if another prospect does not appear, the $ 38 billion sum, mostly cash deals, would cement its status as the largest oil producer in the Perm highland, the US top shark. Global Occidental production will double 1.4 million barrels of oil and gas per day.

Hollub has promised to quickly shed most of the oil assets from Anadarko non-U.S. to focus on shale. It should also absorb or sell offshore production of the Gulf of Mexico to Anadarko.

With Anadarkon nearly four million hectares in the Perm River Basin, Occidental would command 1.64 million hectares of land in Perm, and gain access to the shore fields in Colorado and Wyoming.

The financial and operational risks of the deal have damaged some of the major Western carriers, including the T. Rowe Prize and the Asset Management Matrix.

“On paper, at $ 65 per barrel of oil, the deal can be well executed,” said David Katz, president of the Matrix, who is turning a blind eye to the fact that they are in a cyclical industry.

Rating firm Moody’s Investors Service said on Wednesday it is likely to lower Occidental if it prevails because of increased debt that will make it harder for the company to face a fall in oil prices.

Christian Ledoux, chief investment officer in Occidental South Texas Money Management, said: “If you do, you have a tense balance,” said Christian Ledoux, chief of investment in Occidental South Texas Money Management accident.

T. Rowe, who holds about 21.1 million Western shares, said he would reject votes for Western directors due to the lack of a shareholder vote on the deal.

She convinced Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway to invest $ 10 billion in Western shares to help close the deal.Hollub, who has sought to buy Anadarko for two years, proved her ability to erase obstacles by quickly pulling powerful allies.

France’s Total SA agreed to buy all Anadarkut’s oil and gas assets outside the United States, including the largest spending in the future, a project of liquefied multi-billion-dollar natural gas in Mozambique for $ 8.8 billion ./

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